Club Meetings, News, Events and Reminders

  1. Membership dues for 2021 are $10.  We voted to reduce the annual dues due to the restrictions in place which has prevented us from having physical meetings.  We will gladly accept donations for our scholarship fund.  Please contact Hiedi Winston, our Treasurer, for details.

  2. Our Club had its first online virtual meeting on November 9th.  We had another virtual meeting in December and the turnout was awesome.  We are planning for another on January 11th.

  3. Cleveland Botanical Gardens hosted Glow 2020 this year!  This was great news since so many of the public events had been canceled due to the pandemic. Through directions from our liaison with CBG, Deb Kramarz, the Club put tother a beautiful wreath for GLOW.

  4. The members of Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America moved the headquarters to Ohio State's Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster, Ohio.  We now have a PO Box for all contact information on the national website.  

  5. Volunteers are needed for help with the Willott Iris Garden.  Bob and Sandra Pindell have devoted so much time to these projects but at this point in time, they need more help!  

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