Club Meetings, News, Events and Reminders

  1. Tom Sheehan, a Past President, and all-around great member passed away in September. On behalf of Tom and his family's wishes, we donated $100 to Gardening from the Heart and to a charity based on the family's wishes.   

  2. Our project committee met with the person in charge at the Western Reserve Fire Museum to discuss our help in creating outside planters for the museum.

  3. Our Club will have its first online virtual meeting in November.  Information will be sent directly to all members.  

  4. Cleveland Botanical Gardens will be hosting Glow 2020 this year!  This is great news since so many of the public events have been canceled due to the pandemic.  Our Club will be decorating a wreath as part of the affiliate garden club submission.  

  5. The members of Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America moved the headquarters to Ohio State's Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster, Ohio.  We now have a PO Box for all contact information on the national website.  

  6. Volunteers are needed for help with the Willott Iris Garden.  Bob and Sandra Pindell have devoted so much time to these projects but at this point in time, they need more help!  

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