MaryAnn's Corner

Some Tips for All of Us from Her Husband, John, during these trying times.

Here are some skills or tips that may help:

Listen to music

Look at photo books of nature or things you enjoy that doesn't involve reading (because stress and anxiety get in the way of productive reading, or at least it does for me)

Fall back on an old hobby or learn a new one that fits into the confines of your new situation.  This may involve thinking outside the box or exploring something you always had an interest in but never had the time.

Use the internet, YouTube, ECT to escape, learn new things, or enjoy videos on things of interest.

Use Pinterest or Instagram as a useful tool to enjoy the things your interested in.

Stay informed within reason; knowledge is power but too much of it can become overwhelming

Think back to a time before this happened.  Re live those experiences  in your mind and be thankful they happened (don't use them as a reminder of how bad things are now vs then), instead be happy you had those experiences and hold on to or rekindle the joy they brought

Be kind to those you love and don't take things out on them as you are both in this together and a positive attitude, respect, love, and kindness makes all the difference in getting through this tough time.

Don't be critical of yourself or the people in your life as this is self-destructive (be very aware of this)  Be kind and empathetic instead.

Try to narrow your focus down to the things you can control as everything else is just a distraction.  Once you master this it brings better perspective and it's very comforting.

Find comfort in nature and the beauty that still does exist in this world

Watch positive or uplifting shows, movies, and comedy.  It's a great escape and laughter is a great healer.

Stay true to yourself

Hold on to hope as sometimes it's all we have when reality fails us

Keep a routine as structure in your life is comforting when everything else feels out of your control.  Make creative substitutions for those things that fall outside your abilities or limitations of the current situation.

That's a few ideas off the top of my head.  I hope you find something helpful.

Don't lose sight of who you are and how much certain people in your life value you.  You are loved and special because your one of a kind and there's no one else like you!  We will get through this as the human spirit is more resilient than I ever could have imagined. 

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