Gardeners of Greater Cleveland is an affiliate club of The Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America, a national organization. 

Gardeners of Greater Cleveland was originally created as the Business Men’s Garden Club of Cleveland. In 1934, it joined the Gardeners of America as a Member Club. 

Gardeners of Greater Cleveland became our official name in 2007 to reflect the fact that there have been women Members and Directors of the Club for many years.

Get to Know Us! 

  • Gardeners of Greater Cleveland has organized and participated in many Community Service Projects in the the Greater Cleveland Area. Our Club's first community service was to encourage planting of trees in the lawn along Euclid Avenue, at that time, Cleveland's main street. The Club was an active participant in the formation of Cleveland’s Washington Park Horticultural Center.  Our commitment to serve the community has been a staple of the Club's existence.

  • We are also an Affiliate Club of Holden Forests and Gardens (the Botanical Gardens and Holden Arboretum).

  • Since 2003, Gardeners of Greater Cleveland has provided scholarship funds for college to qualified horticultural high school seniors.

  • The Club currently has a wide membership that reflects the community and its gardeners. It holds dinner meetings monthly from September through June with additional events and activities of interest to the members, always welcoming new members and friends.

March 8th Program

Our March speaker is Mr. Marcel Boonekamp, Director of Growing at Green Circle Growers. Growing up around his parents' greenhouse in The Netherlands, Mr. Boonekamp decided to join the family business and grew tomatoes and cutting roses. His family invested in a high level of technology and automation to grow the highest quality crops possible.


In 2015, Mr. Boonekamp, his wife and 3 kids decided to move to Ohio and work with Green Circle Growers.


During the video presentation, Mr. Boonekamp will describe the orchid production greenhouse ranges and discuss the different automated processes involved in producing Phalaenopsis Orchids on a commercial level.  These processes involve receiving plantlets followed by vegetative growth, flower induction, grading and shipping.

Gardeners of Greater Cleveland
2021 Scholarship Information:
We will be awarding at least 2 - $1,500 scholarships to students in a related field.  Attached is the Announcement and the Application.  

Member Contact Updates


  • Member Contact updates and Photo Sharing with the Club, please contact Jonny Prell.

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